Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well, instead of doing that shit i went out drinking with 2 good friends of mine.

It's 11:16 pm now, and I just got back. I think i'm going to work on my story now. I feel better tho, but that may just be the alcohol talking.

No one listens anyway, why am I talking? I'm not relevevant, but is that?

FUCK. I asked her out saturday (the 3rd) and she was like i'll think about it, but i'm pretty sure it's on.

I think she still smokes, i'd give any-fucking-thing to change it, but i can't. I am one man, who is not even that. This is really depressing. I'm going to publish a story here that references my current attitude, perhaps in a few hours when I finish it. Anyway, i'm really fucking lost and confused.