Thursday, March 27, 2003

do ppl actually read this shit?

i just got back to israel... we're assuming it's safe. w/e... war, no war, it was great to see my friends. so i went out to have a drink with em...
it's 12:13 am now (night) and i have school tommorow


as for deep exostentialism... i'm not that drunk... some other time. if ppl read this

Monday, March 24, 2003

yo. this is my first blog. I have no idea what I expect from this service, and likewise whoever reads this has no idea to expect. Now the question is whether I have permission to swear. I really hope so, because it's a part of self expression. I'm not quite clear on the policy I signed tho, so you never know. Oh well, I'll swear and see if I get kicked out.


So I'm supposedly supposed to be at least mildly entertaining. Well, I figured I had a lot of shit to say last night, bored off my ass. I've been suffering from lack of sleep, Insomnia. Right.

About me (I guess I have to explain to tell this story)

I'm Alex. I live in Israel, and come from Ukraine. 6 Days ago, on Tuesday, I took my little sister and we ran from the country. Literally, we took a plane to our grandparents in Donetsk (in ukraine). So we're chilling here now, going back on Wednesday. But meanwhile they only have 3 bed rooms, and they sleep separatly. If you think about it, there's 4 people for 3 bedrooms. This basically means I'm sharing a room with my grandfather. It's 2 twin sized beds, pushed directly together. So while we're not touching or shit (sick)... the guy snores. Which doesn't let me go to sleep. Which makes me wake up later the next day, which in turn makes me go to sleep later (it's an evil, evil pattern). So while I'm lying there... I get time to think. Last night I was thinking about the Blog thingy (I couldn't remember the name), and about how cool it would be to post there. It took me like 15 minutes to find the site (i searched for "google buys", that's how i originally found the site like a month ago). So yeah. Right. Apparently last night I figured I could go into some form of improvised depth that I now forget. So then... fuck that. I'm going now. I may or may not post later... If you actually read this... check.